Not going to be a tech type Blog post this month as being an ex-serviceman myself I feel that this is important.

I'm sorry if that by the time this actually gets posted you have seen enough about D-Day but I just wanted to share that both Kerry and I took the two girls down to the Gosport 75th D-Day Anniversary on the 1st June 2019.

For a free and open public event I think that the council have done a wonderful job on this one and we had a lovely day for it. Plus the weather was on our side, both Kerry and I do look a little pink in places.

Anyway Evie wanted to spend most of the day on the big green bus (a 1936 double decker) I did take some photos but none came out to well.

Shannon (now 7 months old) really only wanted to eat and drink but was happy in the sun.

Now I did manage to get some photos that I would like to share which are below, I hope that wherever you are you have had change to remember the task in hand that these men took on for us so that we can now live the way that we do. I don't think that it matters that you have made a big song and dance about it as nice as that is but most of these men see it as just doing either their job or doing what had do be done.

I for one just want to say THANK YOU if I could from here even though I no longer server Queen and country I would still salute you all.

Anyway photo time (and sorry I should have made notes for each but I didn't)

Shannon even managed to sleep through 5 rounds of this one firing!!