OK I'll admit this blog post is going to be a small personal rant.

In my personal life I've been looking for someone to have a look at the back roof of our home. Now while this is not a difficult task with lots of sites offering contact listings for different companies that can undertake this type of task.

What my rant is about is that easily 50% of the people I looked at for doing this work for us had a website and some of them had by the look of the site spent either alot of time and money getting this done for them or should also have a side line career as a web designer. However, when it comes to contacting them they are using a free eMail service like Outlook, Hotmail, or Yahoo now these are perfectly good eMail services but after all the work and possibly money that has been put into your web site you have just taken the professional edge off of all this work by not using the eMail service for your own domain name.

My question is WHY, 99.9% of all web hosting companies will offer eMail accounts bundled into the web hosting package that you have taken with them. Even just having a standard eMail account of info@ or even sales@ would just finish off all that hard work and give the full professional service.

The only thing that I can think of is that its a general lack of understanding on how to set up the accounts within the providers control panel or that the site is hosted through a design agency that will then charge extra for this service or don't even give the eMail a thought after the content of the site has been designed.

Anyway, I can't change the way that people think or work but its just my personal bug to bear - So on that note thats the end of this rant.