We must be doing something right here at redIT.

Not only 3 months ago did we get an award for Great Uptime but now we have been reviewed by an external website and we have done a lot better than we thought we would have.

I would like to point out right now before this goes any further we did not know that this review was taking place or that we were even on the radar of this panel of experts nor have we paid for this review.

The full review can be found on their website at https://www.websiteplanet.com or if you just want to read what they have to say about us our review is right here https://www.websiteplanet.com/web-hosting/redit/

Generally we came out very well on our services and products, support too. The only problem and this we know is an issue which we are working on (as always) is our on-line Knowledge Base.

We currently have a small list of articles that are in the process of being written or updated but that being said if you do have an issue with our services and you contact us about it and think it would be a good Knowledge Base article please just mention it, generally after we finish a support call or ticket we check the list to see if its there but if it gets asked for we can always move it up the list.