As a hosting service provider we are always been asked by customers what we are doing to reduce the amount of SPAM that flows around our services. Now this is going to sound a little harsh, but its not only down to us!
We obviously have solutions in place that help to reduce know SPAM from reaching your Inbox but you can also take steps to reduce this issue further.
The simplest step that you can take is to put a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Record into your DNS Zone file.
Details of what SPF is all about can be found at the SPF:Project, but basically this is a list of IP Addresses, Mail Servers or Third Parties that are allowed to send eMails from your domain name, all of our DNS servers support this functionality.
If however, you do continue to get SPAM eMail you can always report it using a Spam Reporting service.
Probably the most popular of these services is SpamCop most hosting providers and ISP's will have some form of integration to SpamCops Blocking List which helps to stop the SPAM at the receiving mail server.
Of course the people that are sending the SPAM are always changing what they are sending and how they send it but if we all make it just that little bit harder for them to even start or abuse the internet the better it will be for all of us.