Not ours but yours.

We are here to help you get the most from your Web Hosting and Domain Name services. However, for most of you this is not your day-to-day job. It is ours though.

OK so now on-to what I want to say. We recently had a customer correctly setup all their domain and hosting needs with us. Wonderful.

The problem came about when they wanted to make a simple change to part of their hosting service but they couldn't find any documentation on how to do it.

They gave us a call just before we closed up for the night and we walked them through the solution - job done...

...maybe not.

This issue was correctly raised in out internal Development and Support system so that we can now either update the relevant support knowledge base document or we can write a new knowledge base article for this issue.

Only time will tell but the bottom line to this story is that we do take note of everything our customers say and have an issue with even if it is something that is (well in our eyes) really simple to resolve.

On that note if you are using any of our products or services and you have had to wonder around trying to work something out for yourself as you have not found the correct guide or documentation please do let us know we will add it to the list. We currently have a Knowledge base development list of 7 subjects that we are working on.