We have all seen the offers aiming to get new customers to sign up to a service with short term gains like 50% of for 6 months but for new customers only.

I have always been against these types of offers as they have never really been clear on what you pay after your offer term is over. I know that this is slowly changing an that some companies now make it very clear what you pay now and what you pay next and when you pay it.

However, if you are offering this offer to new customers only what do your existing customers get? Normally nothing. Some could argue that its just bad timing that you signed up when there was no offer on.

I must admit that over the last 14 years (yes redIT has really been around that long) we have done some offers like these 50% off hosting etc. etc. but this last month when we were offered our Nominet promotions we selected the one that we thought would benifit our existing customers the most.

The Nominet promotion was aimed at people that already had a .uk domain name and would allow them to renew the domain for 3 years or more with a saving of almost a 1 year value. Basiclly renew your domain for 3 years and pay for 2 years, renew for 4 years pay for 3 years and so on.

I was really supprised when I looked at our statistics for our .uk domain names today and found that nearly every single .uk Nomain that we have on the books was renewed and for on average 4 years.

Now don't get me wrong we don't  have hundreds of domains on our books but this is still a very impressive figure and we are more than happy that we were able to help our customers make a saving and it also shows that our current customers must be happy with our services otherwise these domains would have been moved to other hosts.

So what does this mean for the future of our promotions. Well to be honest I'm still not sure. What I do know is that we will always continue to pass on any offers from the upstream registrars to our customers, both new and old if they become available.