Today (22nd May 2018) has seen Nominet update the output of the Public Searchable WHOIS system.
The WHOIS system is basiclly what we use to work out if a domain name is available for registration or not and if it is registered I used to show you the details of who it was registered too.
Now Nominet only controll the WHOIS information for the .uk domain family but this change is in preperation for the upcomming GDPR Law that comes into effect in 3 days time.
The information that Nominet require you to provide has not however changed it is just not published and law enforcement agencies can still request your details if they need to.
This does however, mean that you will no longer have to pay for domain privacy on your .uk domains.

Here is an output of an old Nominet WHOIS lookup:

And here is the output of the new Nominet WHOIS lookup: