First of all, sorry for posting this later than normal. I was all set to press the post button and then I found out that SCA has been delayed. So I rewrote this post (well sort of).

What is Strong Customer Authentication or SCA I here you ask.

Well basically Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new European regulatory requirement aimed to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.

SCA will require you to authenticate by using at least to of three items that you know or own each time that you wish to use your bank or credit card. This could be a password or pin (like 3D Secure does now) for something you know, using your phone by your bank or card provider sending you a code via text for the something you have or finally your finger print or face recognition for the last item.

All of this was due to start on 14th September 2019 but the FCA has now decided that we are not quite ready yet so has given a 18 month extension to the rules coming into effect.

As with most things like this I think it could have been communicated a little better as I'm sure there are still people that use there cards daily that have no idea that this is coming.

Anyway, we have had confirmation from our payment providers that they are ready and once we get the software update to our billing platform we will ensure that we are also ready for when this does start getting pushed to our customers.

Here are a few external websites that are worth a read