Its not very often that an offer like this will come along and we are planning to let our customers both new and old take full advantage of it.

Nominet who are the controlling authority for the whole of the .uk ccTLD are running a promotion to allow existing owners of unique,,,, or to register the same .uk for FREE for the first year.

This promotion will run from 1st October 2018 all the way until 31st March 2019

So if you have for example '' and no one else has any of the other .uk extensions for the same domain you have the Right to Register this domain name FREE for the first year and then for the normal fee for any existing years.

After the 31st March 2019 any .uk domains that have not then been registered will be made available to anyone that wishes to purchase them. So if you are looking to protect your brand or name now is the best time to get the additional domain name.

More information on the .uk rights can be found at